Fall in love!!

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Can you listen to the whispers of your heart?

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Awareness:Silence: The answer

Everyday I wonder why all the problems? Why suffering? Why can’t be all happy? The persuit of happiness is what we pursue after being knocked by life. We start looking for things that make us happy like a wonderful bike trip, exhilarating adventure sports, the smile of a loved one, the wind touching our faces gently, in other words simple things. 

Even then one might realize something is still missing. That “something” you experience while doing adventure sports, having a near death experience, or playing sports making you alive, rejuvenating and joyful, however, with time the joy that emanated fades up, the Bliss that followed dissolves. What happenes in those moments must be left to the seeker to explore. One must ask, can that bliss and joy that filled the mind-body be experienced forever? If yes, how?

If we look further, the whole act of indulging in adventure sports or anything intense like exercises makes us aware of the moment if not complete, say 70% of time. This means that 70% we were silent, we reached a world which starts when mind ends, the realm of silence, the end of suffering!!!!!!! It’s up to us to explore it further !!!!

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It’s all now and here

One of the ancient spiritual practices is to be aware of the now, the present moment. You can be aware of the facial touch of the wind, the music of the wind hitting the trees, the reaction of your foot touching the ground, your mind thinking thoughts, the smell of a flower.It can be anything in the present right now!

And when you cease to be in future or past but in present, all problems dissolve as problems are nothing but mental projections of mind in some future.

In present, there is just life!

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It’s all inside


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Oh god what do I do?, I have lost everything, I lost my business, my wife left me, I am unhealthy, nothing seems to be in place” asked John in despair. “Have you really lost everything?” came an unexpected reply. John inquired “From where did the reply come?” as there was no one nearby. “All is well John“, “All is well” came another insight. “What is happening to me, during day I am hearing voices in my head“, a ¬†surprised John thought. After 5 minutes, the voice stopped. All what remained was “All is well”. An inner urge propelled John to repeat “All is well” several times a day.He started to see “wellness” even in pain.He became alive once more. He felt an energy which had eluded him for years. After 1 year, John recovered everything he had lost, his business, new wife, healthy body and happiness.

Listen to the inner voice, it is one of the most powerful force that can set one’s life in right direction and It’s always there.

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It is belief that we need sometimes

Belief is the ability to sense in the future that “everything will be fine”. Belief is like oxygen when things are not going well in your life. It whispers silently “Embrace me and make everything possible”. It is the belief that “I can do it” makes it possible for you to do it. Without belief, life is like a mariner without a compass, confused,frustrated and fearful. With belief,life is like a season which knows where to go and how to flow.¬†

Therefore believe in belief …………………..


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