Make a balance in life

Almost every one of us wants to be successful, there’s nothing wrong in that but with growing years we become so much engrossed in success that we forget what happiness and peace look like.

We forget chirping of the birds, sound of the river, dancing in the rain water, a bicycle ride, company of the loved ones, the hug of a special person and so on…….

We forget the meaning of life.

Let’s make a balanced life , let’s balance success with happiness and peace and enjoy a gift called life.


About rahul kanyal

My name is Rahul Kanyal. I am a student of life. I have learnt some principles by which one can get out of any difficult situation and become peaceful, happy, successful and wealthy. My vision is to share these principles with every person in this world and make this world a better place. Leaving a comment in the dialogue box will be highly appreciated.
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