Get the connection

connection copyApart from material possessions there exists a spiritual connection. In order to get a balance in life, you have to balance both material and spiritual worlds. For inner peace, harmony and bliss, spiritual connection is required while for success, money and fame, material possessions are required. Both are important, you can’t imagine  one without the other.

But the problem is that you are rushing only for material possessions, you want expensive cars, houses, lifestyle……… and so on and this rush creates havoc and stresses in you. You forget the meaning of life, you forget what is love, family ,friends, parents, all you want is money and success!

I am not saying that money is not important, it is very important but you have to balance the desire to earn money with the desire to have inner peace. If you go to work at 9:00 AM and return at 9:00 PM, you are already dead, you don’t have time for your family and most importantly for yourself.

Good news is that there is a way out of the stresses that you create for yourself. The way is your connection with yourself.

How do you get it?

You get it by spending time alone, sitting alone in a sea shore, walking alone in woods, nature, meditation( which is the most effective of all), doing what you love to do like swimming.In other words, giving yourself some time.

Just sit alone for 20 minutes, you will start noticing a difference in the quality of your life.


About rahul kanyal

My name is Rahul Kanyal. I am a student of life. I have learnt some principles by which one can get out of any difficult situation and become peaceful, happy, successful and wealthy. My vision is to share these principles with every person in this world and make this world a better place. Leaving a comment in the dialogue box will be highly appreciated.
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