Peace is the goal of all goals


What is the use of money if you don’t have peace, what is the use of expensive houses if you don’t have peace, what is the use of luxury cars if you don’t have peace. You may find lots of people who have everything – cars , big houses, properties, lifestyle but they don’t have peace. They are full of anxiety which eats them every day and their lives is a living hell.They have lost the peace of mind in some rat race.

What a liberation it is to get inner peace! It can’t be expressed in words because it is beyond the words. It’s domain is much superior then the thoughts or words as it can never be understood or explained, it can only be experienced.

There is a need to get rid of the never ending thinking patterns you have. This is because you can’t get the peace if you have thinking cycles, to get peace, thoughts need to have breaks in between.

How do you have breaks or gaps in between the thoughts?

Awareness of your being allows you to create gaps in between the thoughts.

What does awareness mean?

It means to feel your presence through your senses eg. while sitting, feeling the presence of the force between the body and chair, feeling the contact of the chair,  feeling the pressing of the foot while walking, feeling the smell of the flower while passing by.

Be aware to be peaceful.



About rahul kanyal

My name is Rahul Kanyal. I am a student of life. I have learnt some principles by which one can get out of any difficult situation and become peaceful, happy, successful and wealthy. My vision is to share these principles with every person in this world and make this world a better place. Leaving a comment in the dialogue box will be highly appreciated.
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