Desire happiness


Desire happiness, joy, bliss, harmony and radiant energy. Life is beautiful. Live life to the fullest. The moments that pass by, never come back. Make the most of time.

1- Give time for your family and loved ones.

2- Chill out with your friends.

3- Walk alone in nature to get the connection.

4- Dance in rain.

5- Love , love and love……………………


About rahul kanyal

My name is Rahul Kanyal. I am a student of life. I have learnt some principles by which one can get out of any difficult situation and become peaceful, happy, successful and wealthy. My vision is to share these principles with every person in this world and make this world a better place. Leaving a comment in the dialogue box will be highly appreciated.
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5 Responses to Desire happiness

  1. Kavita Joshi says:

    lovely profile and very philosophical 🙂

  2. Kavita Joshi says:

    very nice thought here..I totally buy in this as I already spent all my salary by 10th of this month but I am happy and that’s what counts..I know that’s not right and I would be good from next month…but I am happy that I used the money well and bought happiness with it so I win 🙂

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