Accept the present


Matty got a break up from his girlfriend,the same girl who had promised a lifelong journey with him, the same girl with whom Matty had dreamt of happiness,joy,bliss and harmony.

Matty’s life got lifeless like a waterless desert. He could not understand why it happened. He was shocked and often complained of unfairness of life. He started to experience the pain in the stomach which was accompanied by fear, depression, regret and anxiety. This continued for 6 months. Matty lost all his hopes, he was almost dead.

When you are ready, the teacher appears. A new girl entered Matty’s life, who not only filled his life with hope but also taught him ” acceptance” of what is. She found that the problem of Matty was that, he was still living in the past, he had created a resistance to the present.

Through her only, Matty learnt to accept the present, the pain, the situation and the people in his life. After this, magic happened. Matty recovered from pain, depression and anxiety. He became healthy and lived a happy and successful life.

Sometimes the unexpected happens, all what we have to remember is that “ there is always light after darkness”. It is sent to us so that we evolve into a better person.


About rahul kanyal

My name is Rahul Kanyal. I am a student of life. I have learnt some principles by which one can get out of any difficult situation and become peaceful, happy, successful and wealthy. My vision is to share these principles with every person in this world and make this world a better place. Leaving a comment in the dialogue box will be highly appreciated.
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2 Responses to Accept the present

  1. Aw, I love this post! And I totally agree with the phrase, “When you are ready, the teacher appears.” So true!

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