Accept the present


Matty got a break up from his girlfriend,the same girl who had promised a lifelong journey with him, the same girl with whom Matty had dreamt of happiness,joy,bliss and harmony.

Matty’s life got lifeless like a waterless desert. He could not understand why it happened. He was shocked and often complained of unfairness of life. He started to experience the pain in the stomach which was accompanied by fear, depression, regret and anxiety. This continued for 6 months. Matty lost all his hopes, he was almost dead.

When you are ready, the teacher appears. A new girl entered Matty’s life, who not only filled his life with hope but also taught him ” acceptance” of what is. She found that the problem of Matty was that, he was still living in the past, he had created a resistance to the present.

Through her only, Matty learnt to accept the present, the pain, the situation and the people in his life. After this, magic happened. Matty recovered from pain, depression and anxiety. He became healthy and lived a happy and successful life.

Sometimes the unexpected happens, all what we have to remember is that “ there is always light after darkness”. It is sent to us so that we evolve into a better person.

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Live, laugh and love more


One of my friends Joe had a tragic year. He met with an accident and lost his job. As a result, his relationship also broke. It was a complete trauma and debacle for him. He  could not believe this was happening to him. But this is life. We all have our shares of laughs and troubles. To accept only happiness is foolishness.

Life= happiness+ troubles. Be it happiness or sadness, live your life every day to love more, laugh more and live more. Each day is an opportunity to do so.

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5 Ways to Nourish Your Soul

A must read for all

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Want to be best in what you do? Have daily improvements


The secret of success and happiness is continuous improvement. If you want a better result, better health, more happiness, improve daily.

How can you improve daily?

Daily small improvements are more powerful than great improvements in a year! In fact improvements happen only slowly.

Know that it is you who is holding yourself back, find out what is it inside you that is holding you back. It may be jealously, non acceptance of looks, an inner conflict, an old stagnant belief, non acceptance of the truth. First step is to accept that you have a problem.

Next step is to remove what is holding you back.

How to remove what is holding you back?

For eg. if you have an inner conflict regarding your ability to success, you have a doubt that you are not worthy to achieve anything, you can always assert “I believe in my abilities, I believe in myself, I am worthy of doing anything with an ease”.

The auto suggestions(the message that we give to ourselves through our thoughts) have incredible  power. You can bring about a change, improvements,through the auto suggestions.You have the magic in your hand. Persistent use of right auto suggestion has the power to transform you.

So use this power and bring about inner improvements to experience the magic.


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Embrace NOW


The whole eternity is in the present moment. If you want to live a blissful and peaceful life, break the bondage of past and future. Being in the past makes you depressed and being in the future makes you anxious. Life can only be enjoyed if you are in the now.

It’s all in your hands.


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Got anxiety? There is a way out


One of the reasons of anxiety is the rush to do things. Anxiety can be cured by cultivating a habit of doing things slowly. When we are in a rush and do many things at the same time, we get deprived of relaxation which causes anxiety. Anxiety creates a havoc in our lives.

Slow down, make schedule for relaxation, do one thing at a time to cure anxiety.

There are no shortcuts, it takes time. Keep on moving with courage.It gets cured ultimately.

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Acceptance is the way


Human being is in a conflict. Conflict of thoughts and emotions. He remains in a state of resistance and complains about everything eg hot climate, cold climate, not so hot climate!, not so cold climate! and lots………….This complaining creates a resistance as a result of which anxiety, depression, anger,jealousy( to name a few), become a part of him.

By accepting the present, the way it is, he can be free of anxiety, depression, anger, jealousy and any other negative emotion.Accepting the present means to accept the present condition as such, for eg. if you are in a pain, accept the pain, if you are happy, accept the happiness, if you are not tall, accept it.

It ceases all the resistance from inside and you come at peace with your being.

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