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It’s all now and here

One of the ancient spiritual practices is to be aware of the now, the present moment. You can be aware of the facial touch of the wind, the music of the wind hitting the trees, the reaction of your foot … Continue reading

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“ Oh god what do I do?, I have lost everything, I lost my business, my wife left me, I am unhealthy, nothing seems to be in place” asked John in despair. “Have you really lost everything?” came an unexpected … Continue reading

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It is belief that we need sometimes

Belief is the ability to sense in the future that “everything will be fine”. Belief is like oxygen when things are not going well in your life. It whispers silently “Embrace me and make everything possible”. It is the belief … Continue reading

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Live, laugh and love more

One of my friends Joe had a tragic year. He met with an accident and lost his job. As a result, his relationship also broke. It was a complete trauma and debacle for him. HeĀ  could not believe this was … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Nourish Your Soul

A must read for all

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Desire happiness

Desire happiness, joy, bliss, harmony and radiant energy. Life is beautiful. Live life to the fullest. The moments that pass by, never come back. Make the most of time. 1- Give time for your family and loved ones. 2- Chill … Continue reading

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You are your company

The people with whom you interact on a daily basis like your friends, boss, spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, and many more……………determine what you think and how you feel. Therefore, it is very important to choose your company. Your company(the people whom you … Continue reading

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