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It’s all now and here

One of the ancient spiritual practices is to be aware of the now, the present moment. You can be aware of the facial touch of the wind, the music of the wind hitting the trees, the reaction of your foot … Continue reading

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Accept the present

Matty got a break up from his girlfriend,the same girl who had promised a lifelong journey with him, the same girl with whom Matty had dreamt of happiness,joy,bliss and harmony. Matty’s life got lifeless like a waterless desert. He could … Continue reading

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Embrace NOW

The whole eternity is in the present moment. If you want to live a blissful and peaceful life, break the bondage of past and future. Being in the past makes you depressed and being in the future makes you anxious. … Continue reading

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Acceptance is the way

Human being is in a conflict. Conflict of thoughts and emotions. He remains in a state of resistance and complains about everything eg hot climate, cold climate, not so hot climate!, not so cold climate! and lots………….This complaining creates a … Continue reading

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